Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Saddleback Valley

6x8, oil on linen

Here is the current version of the painting I was kvetching about last post. There are aspects of it I maybe like and others not so much. By the time I repainted it several times on the same canvas it had gotten fairly mucky--I much prefer it fresh. At least my paint handling abilities are improving. A post-hoc analysis of the problems I was having: 1) Getting relative values correct from the start--actually they are largely matching reality, just not different enough to make a good painting so, overall, it is pretty dark. I will have to exaggerate the differences, 2) As I said before, I need to keep my eye on the scenery more than my palette and painting, and 3) On the first version, I hadn't gotten my center of interest established right off as I was waiting for the fog to burn off below to do so--hard to get things established correctly when major elements are missing at the time of layout. I intend to go back and begin again from the beginning, but sunshine and will to drive there haven't co-occured on days when I didn't have to work.
I scraped my painting of Balboa Island Mini Mart from last Friday. My perennial problem is that I am not getting the relative values correctly (comp wasn't great either--earlier arrivers had prime spots taken already). I was painting under both an umbrella and with a very wide-brimmed SPF-40 hat. Still, my pupils must have been cranked down so hard that when I look at the painting later at home, the values and colors are wa-a-y off. I'm not sure what to do. Got suggestions?

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  1. i like it vicky,
    less is more!
    looks like you are off on a great adventure...