Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Golden Hour

WIP-8x6, oil on linen
So far this is a wip from yesterday afternoon at a nearby park. I have a tree 'thing' which I have had at least since HS. But trees and foliage are my nemesis. I know that this is a good start, but it took me 4 tries to get it. I began on another piece of cotton canvas I had (I'm thoroughly convinced at this point I don't like working on it), began, wiped part, redid, wiped more, tried laying in again and then abandoned that canvas. Took out my piece of linen that I had wiped and scrubbed from Friday and began again and finally got this. I was just to the point where I didn't know what to do next, when I hear someone with a stroller come up back of me--right up to me. I thought, "boy, this is going to be good" in my internal ironic voice. Decided Ihad to acknowledge the observer so as I turned she said "I love oil paintings." Already I knew this was different--she knew what it was. It turns out that she used to paint (now has a not very manageable 1 1/2 year old boy), used all the right words about value and warm vs cool, degree of abstraction.... So, it was a nice conversation and kept me from ruining what I had by painting before thinking. Waiting for the sun to reappear to go back and finish.


  1. Hi Vicki,
    This is a good start! And it looks like you are half way to being finished. Just add a few highlights and some detail work and it will be done.

    How nice that you had a passerby with some good comments. A few years ago that could have been me, pushing a stroller with my active little man in it and wishing I had time to paint.

    Thank you so much for the compliments on my work at the SOCALPAPA show! I would have loved to have met you but I know what you mean, it was very crowded, I had to go outside several times for air myself. Honestly, I was floored to have my work hanging in the same place as so many artists that I look up to. Then when my oil derricks sold that was great too!

    I'm signing up to follow your blog. I hope we do meet at some point since we are in the same area.

  2. nothing better than making several starts until you've got a good one,can't move on without a good start...
    infact for me you are almost there

  3. Too bad I blew it after this--piss myself off!!

    I had more than a good start to blowing it on my own, but had a whole family from mom, dad, grandparents and 3 kind hanging over my shoulder, literally, while I finished the destruction!! This was after the really loud couple on the park bench and the woman who wanted me to help her locate her husband... Good thing I am taking a workshop this weekend on doing trees and shrubbery in the landscape. (Quick, fix me before I open up a vein!)

  4. I'm a bit radical this way, but I love this as it is. I wouldn't change anything about it.

  5. I agree with it as it is...Beautiful piece!