Monday, April 27, 2009

Peter's Canyon Lake

8"x10" oil on linen on panel

This was painted on Friday the 24th. So, all the last five paintings posted were painted in one week. Surely a record for me and I didn't want to stop. (Dangerous!) I would have planted myself where the lake was a better shape for a better comp but there were a couple there with radios tuned to different talk-shows (why do people go to nature preserves and do that?!!) and I knew I couldn't handle it after the previous week at work--I had been losing it already with the traffic on the way there.

I would like to have a little more recession at the top of the trees, however they weren't really very far away. I would like the water to lay down towards the back end of the lake. It was an overcast day with moving clouds--the light on the water changed every moment.... And, I think the sky needs to be smoothed out. Of course, more red needed in tiny bits. Probably needs some other things, so feel free to tell me.

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  1. Hi, Just came across your site after looking at William Wray's blog. I think your painting is very strong just as it is; I like the water not quite lying down, but coming forward a bit. The tension between a flat picture plane and areas of the painting with space recession makes the work interesting to me. Thanks, Suzanne